Marel is committed to providing stakeholders with comprehensive information on the company and its operations. Equal access to timely and accurate information, within the limits set by commercial sensitivity, is key to building a relationship of mutual trust with current shareholders and potential investors.

Sources of investor information

Marel aims to meet the highest standards in its investor relations by continuously improving the quality, transparency and consistency of its information disclosure. Investors can follow annual and quarterly results presentations broadcast live over the Internet and have access to archived financial reporting, webcasts and other relevant investor material at

Financial reports

Detailed quarterly and annual financial reporting and analysis, including comments on the progress of Marel’s operations, are available on the IR website. Upon the close of each financial quarter, senior management presents Marel’s results in English for analysts and investors. Following the live Internet webcast a recording is archived and available online in accordance with the requirements of NASDAQ Iceland.

Annual report

The annual report gives a comprehensive overview of Marel’s operations, plus a detailed description of the company’s performance each year. The report is available in English and easily accessible online on a computer, tablet or mobile phone at

IR website

The investor relations site at provides extensive news and background information on Marel for both analysts and investors.

Archived financial information available in Icelandic and English includes regulatory announcements, analyst coverage, share price data, major shareholders, dividend policy and the financial calendar and corporate events.

Analyst coverage

Marel is covered by five analysts in total, four Icelandic and one international, who actively track and publish opinions on Marel and its stock. 

Financial Calendar for 2019

Annual General Meeting
6 March, 2019
Q1 2019
29 April, 2019
Q2 2019
24 July, 2019
Q3 2019
23 October, 2019
Q4 2019
5 February, 2019
Annual General Meeting 2020
4 March, 2020

NASDAQ Iceland

Marel has been listed on the Icelandic stock exchange NASDAQ Iceland since 1992 and all of its regulatory announcements can be found at


Information on Marel is available on Bloomberg and Reuters under the tickers MARL1:PZ and MARL.IC respectively.