Processing with an eye for detail

Our goal is to make the most of the valuable resources that run through our systems.
Using real-time data, our Innova Food Processing Software helps our clients get the job done.

That's the power in numbers.


Innova is our revolutionary food processing software that provides full production control and traceability, giving a complete overview of a product’s journey through processing, from reception to dispatch.

To date, we have more than 2,000 Innova installations worldwide, meaning that many of the largest food processing companies in the world already use this cutting-edge software. Innova can be implemented as an all-inclusive production system, adapted for specific production units, and can even be connected to third party equipment.

The future of intelligent production control

Utilizing the latest technology and cloud analytics, Innova has established itself as the future of intelligent production control. It enables plants to control, monitor and improve their entire production process, allowing producers to spot inefficiencies on the factory floor by highlighting the specific data needed to maximize throughput, quality and yield.

Food producers need to be able to keep pace with ever-increasing industry and regulatory demands for animal wellbeing, traceability and quality. Innova provides efficient, high-performing software solutions that enable them to do just that.

Meaningful insights through data visualization

Innova provides processors with user-friendly tools to turn data into meaningful insights through visualization. In the day-to-day operations of a plant, key performance indicators such as yield, throughput, quality, capacity and labor efficiency are vital to processors. Most organizations across the food industry gather huge amounts of data on these key performance indicators, but the challenge lies in understanding what particular data can help optimize performance and putting this to use.

There are many ways to collect data, but if you don't present it to the end user in the right way, then it's not going to help improve your business.

Jarred Brand, Director of Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology, Trident Seafoods

Innova’s comprehensive, real-time reporting presents data by using dashboards, giving clear visual interpretation of the relevant information. Smarter decisions can be made in real time to optimize production results, tailor processes to achieve specific goals, and respond immediately to any deviations. 

Such insights enable processors to identify opportunities for improvement, while ensuring that production conforms to quality and food safety standards.

Direct traceability

Innova controls and monitors animal reception and registration, the production flow, as well as the deboning, packing and dispatching processes. Having Innova manage the entire operation creates a direct traceability line between the slaughtered animal and the end customer.

The highest quality using the highest tech

Innova Food Processing Software has helped US-based Kuna FoodService achieve full traceability in its production, from start to finish. The ease of use, real-time data and reporting functionalities with built-in traceability allow the company to monitor individual suppliers and ensure high-quality products. By paying attention to the details at every stage of production, overall performance is optimized.

Innova allows us to keep records throughout each day and traceability for USDA requirements, not only from the start, but also now right through to the finish.

Dan Fernandez
Meat Unit Production Manager, Kuna FoodService

Streamlined order management and inventory control

Innova not only provides full production control and traceability, but also helps improve how the company fills its orders, making this more streamlined, and easier to manage. Innova can optimize workflows, enable cost-effective inventory control, and ensure efficient order management. The system includes purchase orders, production orders, inventory orders and sales orders.

Innova connects to third-party equipment

The software is set up to work with the third-party equipment, systems and solutions that are independent of Marel equipment. This means our customers can install a single software system to oversee production and integrate with their existing equipment.

It's all in the label

The Innova label designer is a very powerful tool, as it ensures all traceability information on the product is collected accurately and incorporated in the final product label. The flexible labeling design system means processors can easily create their own designs and edit the content on the label to contain all relevant and necessary information for the final product package.